All services are bespoke to suit individual requirements.  No matter what you have in mind and no matter what your budget, I will be able to help. Together we will find out what colours, fabrics and silhouettes not only work for your body but also your lifestyle. My goal is to unlock the very best version of yourself.

To keep things simple, I charge a fixed hourly rate for my most of my services. As everyone is different, we will tailor your sessions to suit your individual goals, no matter how big or small.

Style and Body Shape Consultation

During the consultation we will discuss your body shape and areas you specifically like or dislike.  We will look at your current style and then any styles you might have ambitions to achieve. Is there a dress you love but have never had the courage to buy?

We will then develop your own styles, cuts, colours and fabrics that suit your body shape and lifestyle. I will summarise our session in a bespoke guide for you to then keep as reference.

If you have never seen a stylist before and are unsure about how a stylist can help, this is a great initial step to understand the basics.

Cost £100

Duration 2 Hours

Wardrobe Edit

 Are you opening your wardrobe every morning feeling uninspired, thinking “I have nothing to wear?” Would you love to be able to reach for different pieces from your wardrobe and know that they just work together?

Would you like to know what the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are?

If the answer is “yes” then the wardrobe edit could be the service for you.

In advance of our session we will have a telephone consultation, so I can find out more about you and what specific areas you would like assistance with.  I believe client confidentiality is paramount, so you should be open and honest; this will help me, help you.

We will start the one to one session at your house by assessing your body shape and talk in detail about areas you lack confidence with.  We will work through your entire wardrobe to create a flowing edit that allows you to dress quickly and easily every morning.  Clients often find it helpful for me to photograph them in clothing combinations we put together for future reference. These photos are always taken on the client’s camera and I never have access to them after our sessions.

Cost £50 per hour plus travel

(allow at least 3 hours)

Personal Shopping

Shopping can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are unsure how new trends will work with your style and body shape.  Many clients often like to follow a Wardrobe Edit with a Personal Shop but if you are looking for an outfit for a specific event, or you are simply looking to update a wardrobe, this is still an excellent option.

I like to speak with clients before we meet to discuss what they are looking for or what they are struggling with, so we can compile a “wish list”.  I will then do all the footwork in advance of our day so the time we spend together is not aimlessly walking around shops, wasting valuable time on the day.

When we meet, we will have a quick recap of your requirements, having pre-selected styles to suit you we will then visit shops and brands you may not have experienced before.  I will talk you through the styles I have chosen and how they work for you. This will help you learn styles and shapes that suit you, enabling you to shop with confidence and saving you money in the future.

As with the Wardrobe Edit I can photograph clothing combinations we put together for future reference. These photos are always taken on the client’s camera and I never have access to them after our sessions.

Clients usually like to book either a half day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours) for this service.

Cost £50 per hour plus travel.

(allow at least 3 hours)